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Vintage Japanese Sea Glass | Each

Vintage Japanese Sea Glass | Each

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These are original Japanese Glass Fishing Floats. 10-12cm in diametre.

Approx. 260gm each.

These commenced production in 1910 and were used in the deep sea fishing industry to keep long lengths of netting afloat. Have you ever wondered why most of them of green? It's because they were made out of recycled Sake bottles.

These have all been hand blown and sealed to the top with a "button" Majority of buttons are stamped with a makers mark.

Most countries replaced the glass floats with plastic many years ago although the oriental fishing industries continued to use them longer and some still do (but the newer ones are machine made, have seams in the glass and no bubbles, buttons or character)

These are divine home décor objects for coastal or farmhouse style homes. They do look best in 3's or in large groups in a basket.

If you would like to purchase more than 3 of these-please get in touch for a discount.

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